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Job Description: Essex Swish Basketball Coach


Job Title: U14 Boys NBL Head Coach and/or U14 Girls NBL Head Coach


Organization: Essex Swish Basketball Club


Location:  Rayleigh, Essex


Position: Head Coach


Salary: Paid.



 Roles and Responsibilities

1. Coaching and Development:


  • Plan, organize, and conduct practice sessions tailored to various age groups and skill levels.

  • Develop and implement effective training programs to enhance individual and team performance.

  • Teach fundamental basketball skills, including shooting, dribbling, passing, and defensive strategies.

  • Communicate regularly with Essex Swish board with progress or concerns of players.


2. Training/Game Management

  • Prepare game strategies and conduct pre-game and post-game analyses.

  • Manage in-game decision-making, including player rotations, timeouts, and tactical adjustments.

  • Ensure players understand and execute game plans.

  • Conduct team training sessions 1 x per week with 1 game on the weekend.


3. Developing Culture

  • Build a strong culture based on discipline, respect and hard-work.

  • Promote a healthy, friendly and inclusive team environment in which all players can thrive.

  • Develop leadership skills in players and assign team roles and responsibilities.

  • Encourage academic and personal growth alongside athletic development.


4. Administration

  • Maintain accurate records of player attendance, performance, and progress.

  • Organize and oversee team logistics, including travel arrangements, equipment

5. Club Etiquette and Punctuality

  • Engage with members of the Swish community including players, parents and fans.

  • Represent Essex Swish both online and offline professionally and positively.

  • Be a positive role model to younger players within the club.

  • Wear Swish merchandise when coaching during team training sessions or matches.

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