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All prospective members of Essex Swish Basketball Club are required to complete this registration form prior to the start of each season. The season runs from the 1st September each year. in the interest of the welfare of our Members, any players who have not completed a membership form will not be allowed to compete until it has been completed.

Section 1 - Youth Member Information

Section 2 - Parent - Guardian Information

Membership Type


]It is a requirement of Club policy that parental consent is provided for participation, transportation and photography.

Please select the following:

SECTION 4 - Positions within the club

Here at Essex Swish we are always welcoming players or parents who would like to be involved within the club. We believe that a strong community of passionate members is essential to helping continue driving our club forward.

We have a number of roles available for both players and parents. 

If you have any skills or qualifications that you feel could benefit our club, then let us know!

I would be interested in:
My child would be interested in:

Thank you

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